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Network / Audio Video / Security system installation.

The critical path is a foundational concept in project management. It is the timeline that all trades must adhere to if a project is to come in on time and on budget. We chose Critical Path Integrators as a name because we see our value to the project manager in terms of looking at the entire Gantt chart and our role in the whole process. Working with other trades and site supervisors to accomplish your work .We use project management tools to plan and log to keep on track and you in the loop. Our team is OSHA certified and compliant.

When we started Critical Path Integrators in 2013, it was to meet the growing need for sub contracted technical systems installers to work with the medium to large design build firms. Allowing project managers to overcome geographic limits and cyclical labor shortfalls. 

Today we serve the major integrators with staff augmentation, outsourcing of entire projects and maintain their service level agreements. As a NYS certified MBE we can form an SBA recognized team providing labor support and a competitive advantage when pursuing state and public works projects. There are no additional fees or cost.

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